Friday, March 10, 2017

How To Enable Fast Charging in any Android Smartphone

How To Enable Fast Charging in any Android device

Today I am going to tell you about a very Hot! Topic “How to Enable Fast charging in any Android device”.

You’re reading this post, it means you have an Android smartphone and I know what you want from this post and I am assuring you, you're on right place. 

Fast charging is the biggest need for every Android user. My Android Smartphone is always running with me, doesn't matter it's day or night but my phone doesn’t have Fast charging feature and I hardly needed this feature.

My smartphone takes almost 2 hours from 10% to 100%, yes my smartphone takes time a lot but now it didn’t because I have found some powerful tweaks which help me to charge my smartphone in very less time.
In other words, Now I have manually enabled fast charging feature in my Android smartphone.
This is very necessary for you to have in knowledge about this tweak because it will also help you in emergency cases for charge your device immediately.

I am suggesting you apply these simple tweaks on your Android device and Enjoy the Fast charging.

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 All you need to do for enable Fast charging.
I am going to tell you about some tweaks, apply on your Android device when you connect your charger. It will reduce your charging time up to 60%, Great isn’t it.

Apply these tweaks when you’re phone is charging.

Step# 1 Adjust brightness
Adjust your phone’s brightness level, decrease brightness level to 0%.

Step# 2 Manage Background processes
All Android devices have set standard process to default, This is good because if your device is set to standard processes, your device will run flawlessly.
In terms of charging, if you set a limit on background processes then your device will charge faster. It directly means, If less or no background process means less battery consumption then automatically your phone will charge faster.
 Adjust your Background Process by following the screenshots below.

How To Enable Fast Charging in any Android device

If developer option is hidden/disable on your Android device then check out this postHow to Enable Hidden developer Option in Android Smartphones

How To Enable Fast Charging in any Android device

·         In Developer option, click on Background Process Limit>> No Background processes.

Step# 3 Close All Running Applications
We have already set a limit on background process and the final step is to close all running application, as we all know that running apps in the background is the main reason behind the battery draining, so close all applications.
All work is done now, leave your phone until it's charged fully and your phone will charge 60% faster.

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