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How to Increase RAM in any Android Device up to 4GB

There were millions of people using Android operating system around the world. Some android users facing low RAM issues.

If you have cheap Android smartphone or tablet containing very less memory of RAM, So it’s obvious you can’t play & enjoy high ended gaming in your android device also lagging is the most common problem, a cheap android user suffering and struggling with it.

Increase RAM in Android

Now my Googlearner Team has found the best-verified way to increase RAM in any android smartphone or tablet.
Before start the process lets understand what is RAM and how it works in android device.

What is RAM?

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a type of memory can be accessible randomly for holding the data to increase the speed of a system.

In simple words, RAM stands for Random Access Memory and when you do anything on your android device, RAM is running in the background.

For Example: You’re using facebook application and at the same time Instagram application is also opened in another tab, so facebook and Instagram both application uses RAM in your android device. Whatever you’re doing in your android device RAM will always run in the background for increasing system speed for your convenience.

If you have opened any application in your android device and RAM is free enough so application will run flawlessly as well as if RAM is not free enough or RAM is insufficient for playing a high ended game so you know what’ll be the result.

How to Increase RAM in Android Device

Roehsoft RAM Expander is the ultimate solution for increase the RAM in android device.
This application needs Rooted Android Device. Roehsoft RAM Expander creates swap file by using SD Card and swap file can be used as a virtual memory in the android device.

This application doesn’t change actual ram. By using this application you can create a swap file using SD Card and the created swap file work as virtual RAM which automatically starts executing the memory in the system.

For Example: I am using a cheap android device having just 512MB ram and I want to play high ended game like Need For Speed, so obviously I can’t play well Need for speed in 512MB ram. so I will create a swap file of 4GB in ram expander application by using SD Card and 4GB swap file will work as a virtual RAM then I can play Need for speed easily.

Example is good enough for you to understand what we will be going to do.
 Let’s see how RAM Expander works, also have a look at these simple requirements.



  •     Install RAM Expander application. This is a paid application on Google Play Store but I am too generous and providing you RAM expander paid app for ‘Free’.


Now open Ram Expander application and follow the steps.

Step# 1: Firstly, set the storage location where swap file will be created.

  •   Click on Meminfo and select SD card.

 Roehsoft RAM Expander Increase RAM in Android      Roehsoft RAM Expander Increase RAM in Android

Step# 2: Create a swap file, drag the cursor or enter memory manually by clicking on Swap File of how much ram you want, see screenshot. I have entered value 1021 (1GB approx.) 

  •   After entering the memory size of the swap file, click on Optimal Values.

Step# 3: Now, application will ask you to choose from the options. Choose according to your needs. This option will create virtual ram for the specific purpose.

 Roehsoft RAM Expander Increase RAM in Android

  •    Then application will start the process of creating a swap file. (I was entered 1021MB but app is creating swap file of 807MB because my SD card doesn't have much space, application detects and automatically sets a bit low memory with the compatibility)

Step# 4: After completing the process of creating a swap file, you can see the available virtual memory of ram as VMEM.

 Roehsoft RAM Expander Increase RAM in Android

Step# 5: Click on 3 dots in upper right corner and you can see a list of options. If you want to delete a swap file, disable all swap files, kernel info and some other options you can find here.

 Roehsoft RAM Expander Increase RAM in Android

After creating a virtual Ram, your android device will do the operations with the ultimate speed, you can feel your android is working faster after creating a virtual ram and also you can play high ended games on your android device.

Having Question, suggestion or anything you want to say just feel free to write in comments and let us know how’s your experience about this post.



  1. Great Information. People can actually squeeze more out of their smartphone now. Thanks

  2. can you increase RAM without rooting your phone.because rooting your phone is too risky


  3. Since it involves rooting - what happens if I do this, and remove the memory card? I want to make sure I don't mess up my tablet.

    Besides risk of removal, I've also had two memory cards go bad on me in the past... similar concern would exist for that. I wouldn't want my tablet to be ruined because of stupidity or poor quality.

    1. Hi christopher,

      I think you know about the consequences of Rooting but Its not that too risky if you're trying to apply this tweak on your Tab.

      Ram disk increases creates the virtual disk on your SD Card by creating swap file.

      Everything is safe and Easy but Do it at your own risk because it depends on how much you know about Rooting.


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